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Learning Outcome 1

Demonstrated knowledge and skills for working safely with electricity.

1. Underground cabling, comprising TPS cables enclosed in heavy duty PVC conduit is called:

Category A underground wiring system
Category B underground wiring system
Category C underground wiring system
Category D underground wiring system

2.If an electrician is asked to work live he/she should first:

Obtain appropriate personal protective equipment
Obtain signed permission
Question the need to work live
Establish risk control measures

3.Ensuring that the electrical installation at a premises is safe for use by employees is the responsibility of the:

Owner of the premises
Controller of the premises
Maintenance manager
Electrical contractor

4.A major hazard with confined spaces is:

Not enough room to stand
Difficulty in using tools
Flammable contaminates and oxygen depletion
Only space for one person at a time

5. Class I portable equipment should:

Be supplied from a circuit protected by an RCD
Be supplied at extra-low voltage
Not be used on construction sites
Not be earthed